Vicky Shu puts a foot in it

Vicky Shu (24) has got both feet firmly on the ground and is taking great strides to repackage herself after coming close – but not close enough – to what would have been a sensational victory in the 2007 Miss Indonesia beauty pageant.

It may have taken four years, but she has finally managed to kick start her flagging fortunes by releasing her debut album “Drink Me”.

“Drink Me”. I’m sure there are many that want to do that, Vicky.

Her music is throwaway pop, as disposable as a Fiesta condom (but far less memorable), and as original as a blockbuster DVD sold in Kota.

The first song on the album, for example, is “Mari Bercinta 2” (“Let’s Make Love 2”), a reference to the song “Mari Bercinta” (“Let’s Make Love”) by Aura Kasih, a phenomenally curvaceous starlet who also hails from the Sumatran province of Lampung.

So they BOTH want to make love? And at the same time? But not to each other one would assume (although that’s an interesting thought ain’t it?!!)

Nope. Not a great start to Vicky Shu’s singing career.

But as the legendary British singer Yazz sang back in 1988 -

The only way is up!

Vicky Shu wants to make love. Any takers?

Misa Campo in Pacar Hantu Perawan

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(The road to) hell is paved with good intentions.
~Samuel Johnson

Yes, it may have started with the cute and adorable Japanese A/V starlets (Miyabi, Sola Aoi etc).

But it ain’t gonna end there.

Because there will always be the need to chart unchartered waters – to push back the boundaries if you like – and to try something NEW. Just like getting the veteran US pawn star Vicky Vette onboard – an impossibly buxom American legend who, at age 46, is sure to titillate Indonesian audiences with her hammy acting and barely-there clothing.

But this is where Pacar Hantu Perawan (*) excels – it goes the further mile by employing not just one but TWO foreign talents to forge a remarkably unique threesum with Indonesia’s very own Dewi Persik, a proud and defiant born again virgin (see previous post).

So who is the other foreign talent in this movie? Well, none other than the simply stunning Misa Campo!

Make no doubt about it, this Misa Campo is class. Sheer class.

So who exactly is she?

Well, not a pawn star like Vicky, but one of the hottest models either side of the equator.

Born in Montreal Canada in 1987, her sensual dark looks are thanks to her Filipino father (her mother is Dutch).

But the bright lights and sandy beaches of California proved irresistible, and she later moved there to work as a bartender at first and then as a model.

She made her name doing Hot Import Night car shows, and it wasn’t long before magazines like Maxim, AskMen, DragSport were knocking on her door.

She stands only 5 feet 6 inches and weighs a mere 115 pounds. But with a 34C-24-34 figure she has the curves of a hilly Alpine road, in addition to long brown hair and even longer legs!

There’s nothing camp about Misa Campo

* Pacar Hantu Perawan will be released on 7 July 2011, providing some relief to Indonesians who will miss out on the final Harry Potter extravaganza due to a film importers’ dispute over tax payments.

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Dewi Persik becomes a born again virgin!!!!

Things really have taken a surreal and bizarre twist with Indonesian sex symbol Dewi Persik claiming she is now a born again virgin after undergoing the necessary surgical procedure in Egypt.

According to Dewi, the desire to become a born again virgin is related to her new film, Pacar Hantu Perawan, but more cynical observers will regard her claims to virginity as a mere publicity stunt, especially since she sought advice on the procedure from her American co-star in the film – the outrageously buxom Pawn Star Vicky Vette.

 Vicky Vette Vicky Vette, virgin not by a long shot!

But regardless of whether Depe really has become a born again virgin or not, someone should warn her that virginity is a lot like one of those gas filled balloons you see being sold on the streets of Jakarta.

One prick and its gone! BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Pacar Hantu Perawan movie How many virgins can YOU count?

Astrid Ellena is Miss Indonesia 2011!

East Java hottie Astrid Ellena (20) has been crowned as Miss Indonesia 2011 and will represent Indonesia in the 2011 Miss World pageant to be held in London (in a bikini or not, we’ll just have to wait and see).

Astrid Ellena But the Universitas Pelita Harapan student is still a bit green - when asked by the judges what a woman's most important role in life was she replied:

“A woman must prioritize integrity and self respect. Becoming a mother is the most beautiful thing because the next generation is born from her womb.”

Ain’t she ever heard of test tube babies?!!!

 test tube babies

Pelet Kuntilanak (feat. Debby Ayu)

Black magic operates most effectively in preconscious, marginal areas. Casual curses are the most effective.”
>William S. Burroughs

So it’s finally out. Pelet Pelet Kuntilanak. The new Indonesian horror flick featuring the simply delectable Debby Ayu - a creature of such sublime charm that her onscreen antics are sure to make more than just your hairs stand on end!

 Pelet Kuntilanak

In the film Debby plays a young lass named Pamela who decides to resort to pelet, a type of Javanese black magic which is used to make a woman irresistible to men.

But to attain these powers of seduction, Debby must make a pact with Setan.

So she agrees, and gets to have her devilish way with the guys that she wants – mostly university students at her campus.

But like all good things in life there is a price to be paid.

Because not long after Debby has had her way with a guy, he dies a sadistic and gruesome death.

Oh well. Let’s just hope it was worth it!

 Pelet Kuntilanak (feat. Debby Ayu) Debby Ayu, a real charmer

Pelet Kuntilanak stars (sic): Debby Ayu, Cinta Dewi, Angie Yulia, Billy Davidson, Billy As, Yudha Putra