Tali Pocong Perawan 2 film review

Another dicey horror-cum-smut bonanza for the jilted generation.

Tali Pocong Perawan 2 film review

If you had to get this down your throat, you’d gag too.

The plot revolves around a shy, young woman (Tania) who is too embarrassed to approach the guy at the office she has fallen in love with (Jordy).

All is not lost, however, as Tania has a hot neighbor (Janet) who comes up with the novel idea of using the fabric cord hanging off a virgin Pocong (*) in a bid to get Jordy’s attention.

So what does Tania do? Well, what any women in her situation would do! She simply wanders down to the local cemetery where a young virgin has – conveniently for her – just been buried and digs up the body and takes the fabric cord.

From here on in, it’s just gore and smut all the way.

Kudos must be given to the producers, however, who choose two of Indonesia’s hottest actresses at the moment: the heavily tattooed and temperamental sexpot Nikita Mirzani and the equally rumbustious Wiwid Gunawan.

Wiwid Gunawan

Nikita Mirzani

Apparently, according to Detik, cinema goers will have to show their identity cards to be allowed to watch this one. Whether this is because the film is genuinely scary or just a pile of horrendous vomit inducing bollocks is not yet clear.

Just be warned okay?

Tali Pocong Perawan 2 opened at Jakarta cinemas on 18 October 2012.

Besides Nikita Mirzani and Wiwid Gunawan, the cast also includes Bella Espearance, Kartika Putri and Framly Daniel Nainggolan.

(*) a pocong is an Indonesian ghost that is said to be the soul of a dead person trapped in their suit. More on that here.

Ten signs you are too drunk by Novi Amelia

1) Aged 25, you think Spongebob is still cool

2) You can focus better with one eye closed.

3) You decide to go to Ancol in the early hours because the fun park there will make you happy.

4) You think you look better in your underwear (actually you do but that’s besides the point).

sexy Novie Amelia bikini

5) You have never taken drugs on purpose but you still want to go to rehab anyway.

6) You’re not worried about drinking and driving as your Honda Jazz has a molded plastic compartment especially for your bottle of Chivas Regal.

7) You think that tattoo on your left ankle actually now looks quite nice and sophisticated.

8) You think the place where they kept you handcuffed overnight and took pictures of you virtually naked was really a “role play” hotel.

9) You’re not that worried they will treat your depression by prescribing you Prosac. #Irony.

10) You think the publicity generated by your trials and tribulations will give your modeling career a fresh impetus…